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DOGFIGHT - May 6-10, 2020 @ The Cultch

Directed by: Kelsey John Torok

Assistant Director: Gina Foster

Music Director: Matt Grinke

Assistant Music Director: Jenaya Barker

Choreographer: Amanda Lau




  • ROSE FENNY A diner waitress who dreams of life as a musician. She is a naturally shy girl, naive of the world around her. Becomes smitten with Birdlace and discovers a lot about her self-respect and confidence along the way. (Female, 18-21 yrs old  - Range: G3 - E5)

  • EDDIE BIRDLACE A Marine private first class. He is well respected and a natural leader amongst his comrades. Initially a hothead; a cocky smooth talker. He eventually sheds his brash exterior thanks to Rose. (Male, 18-25 yrs old - Range: A2 - A4)

  • BOLAND A Marine private first class and Birdlace's closest friend. A poor Southern cad, he is the most vocal supporter of the dogfight and fairly crude in his behaviour and language. (Male, 18-25 yrs old  - Range: B2 - B4 )

  • BERNSTEIN A Marine private first class and Birdlace's good friend. A bit nerdy and very inexperienced with the opposite sex. (Male, 18-25 yrs old -Range: B2 - B4 )

  • MAMA The owner of the local diner. She is unamused by the Marines' antics and protective of her daughter, Rose. (Female, 40-50 yrs old). Speaking role, but may be combined with other characters below.

  • MARCY Boland's date for the dogfight. She is a nearly toothless and homely prostitute. Crass and brash, but sneaky and cunning. (Female, 25-35 yrs old - Range: F#3 - Eb5 )

FEATURED - Please note that the following roles may be arranged in other combinations

  • RUTH / OTHERS Multi-character track (females, late 20s to early 40s) for one performer. Ruth: Stoic, deadpan. Actress may also play Mama (Rose’s 40ish, overworked single mother) and/or a Hippie and a prim Librarian. Strong singer.

  • FECTOR / OTHERS Multi-character track (males, early 20s) for one performer. Fector: US Marine leaving for Vietnam. Not too bright. One of the guys. Actor may also play a Hippie. High tenor with a Bb. Comfortable singing in tight harmony.

  • STEVENS/OTHERS Multi-character track (males, early 20s) for one performer. Stevens: US Marine leaving for Vietnam and judge of the dogfight. Cocky. Actor may also play a snooty Waiter and a Hippie. Contemporary tenor voice, though could be baritone. Comfortable singing in tight harmony.

  • LOUNGE SINGER/OTHERS Multi-character track (males, 30s to 50s) for one performer. Lounge Singer: Smooth crooner at the low-rent Nite Lite. Actor in this track is a utility player who also plays Pete (a former Army man), Sergeant, Big Tony (a tattoo artist) and Phil (proprietor of a small folk-music club). Contemporary tenor voice, but must be comfortable in more pastiche styles as well (early ‘60s music ranging from Engelbert Humperdinck to The Beatles).

  • CHIPPY/OTHERS Multi-character track (females, 20s) for one performer. Chippy: Feisty young prostitute. Actress may also play Fector’s Party Date and a Hippie. Strong singer.